A Quick Overlook of Cannabis – Your Cheatsheet

Top Facts About Marijuana

When the number of those who use marijuana rises daily you definitely know that there is a story about the plant. Somehow the plant finds its name covering the front page. From time memorial there is always a story about the plant. If you are one of the people who like hearing something about the plant, this article will give you a list of some interesting stories. Read ahead and learn more about the plant and the many amazing stories associated with it.

The first exciting thing about this product is that, students way back in 1971 discovered that they could use the internet to trade the plant from one college to another. No one was able to tell how much of the outcome of this herb changed hands that tie from one college to another. The fast internet marketing therefore began with the sale of the marijuana products. It may interest you even to know that Shakespeare with his great history also used cannabis.. The information was revealed by some scientists who tested his pipe and got some exciting results. Other products were also examined from his garden and confirmed that the guy honestly took the stuff.

Another interesting this is that though the plant is widespread in many countries, none knows where the plant originated. It is believed that the first person to use the plant was a Chinese Emperor. Despite the first person to use the plant, the use of it currently is so widespread to almost every part of the world. Since ancient times, the plant has been in use as medication even the first person used it to relief pain. The scientist still believe that the plant is good for as a relief from pain.

Something else that is interesting about the plant is that infants tested positive when they were tested in North Carolina. After several studies people discovered that the soap the kids were using is the one that was producing a positive results to marijuana. Surprisingly, the products that have such ingredients are the famous ones like Johnson and Johnson. The great thing about this was that the parent did not face child abuse charges.

The use of the name marijuana to as the second name to cannabis, was after the Mexicans immigrated to America in 1920 after the civil war in their land. You may also want to know that Uruguay become the first country to legalize the use of marijuana in their country. You may be surprised to know that there a community of Rastafarians living in a city in Italy ho have their origins in Jamaica. For these people despite that fact that Italy has not legalized the use of marijuana, they are allowed to use it legally in Italy. They predicted that it was part of their faith to take part in the marijuana smoke. That is how they were allowed by law to use it.

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