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For the prosperity of any organization, it is in order that every person be treated like he is a person and accorded the dignity that is due to him. If this is not done, you can be sure that the people will feel less motivated and this is not a good thing to the company and the people. So that you can be able to have the maximum benefit from the human capital, you must be able to treat every person as a part of the team and that all people are equal.

Many people have been reporting poor performance in the places of work because they are treated like an asset and thus lack the morale to produce that which is of high quality. To ensure that this does not happen in your organization, you need to put measures in place so that you can be able to tame the demon that causes the employee to be demoralized. This article will help you with some of the things that you can be able to do so that the people working for you feel that they are important.

The first thing is to show appreciation for the work well done. This means that people can be able to show the good work so that they can be able to move on to the next item. It can be so bad if as an employer you are not able to show appreciation for the work that has been well done. If you cannot be able to do this, you can be assured that all that which you have done may go into waste. The employee will only work that which is assigned to him only because he is paid and this means that he cannot give his full attention to the work that is normally done to him. For the sake of the prosperity of the company, this is something that should not be allowed.

There is also the avoidance of being too bossy and punishing every mistake that is done by the employee. It must be understood that, every mistake provides a learning ground. This is important because the employee always has the knowledge to learn how something is being done. This is something that is very important in ensuring that people are free in the things that they do. Constant punishment induces fear that is not good for the place of work.

The other thing is that you should have the terms of employment that is signed by both of you. This means that each party has to fulfill the terms that are laid out in everything that you come across. Many people are not able to have the best from the companies simply because they lack the ability to have what they really term as the reference point and this can form a very good ground for the battle between the employer and the employee.

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