Why No One Talks About Cannabis Anymore

Peculiar And Interesting Facts And Stories About Marijuana

Over the years, marijuana has always found its way to the front pages. Years ago, marijuana was always seen as the refer madness which have changed following the multiple discoveries of its medicinal power as well as health benefits. Generally, there are more than 147 million people using marijuana in the world. Different cultures that have and use marijuana have their different takes and stories about the plant. Some of these tales and facts are interesting and others are overly weird. This article helps you acknowledge some of these weird and interesting facts and stories.

First, 1971 is the years where the first marijuana online sale happened. This was an online dealing between two college students from Stanford and MIT. There is no information about the quantity that these students traded. Internet wasn’t that popular back then and very few people had access and these were one of the selected few.

The second fact that you need to learn is about the Bard’s inspiration. Shakespeare was known for his bravely and impact on discussing taboo topics. He was vocal with topics like intoxication and drug abuse. However, it was discovered that the Bard, received his inspiration from the bud. This discovery emanated from testing his personal pipes and there were traces of marijuana.

Another key thing to note is in regard to the mysterious origin of marijuana. There are so many cultures in the world that hold onto marijuana as a quintessential plant. Nonetheless, there are so many controverting theories about the origin of marijuana. It was back in 2727 B.C. that Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung made discovery of the plant. This plant was used for medicinal purposes. This story has some controversies as there are other people who believe that Qin Shi Huang discovered the plant first in 260 B.C. There are other places like the Middle East, Greek and even in the Roman Empire where marijuana was traced. The fact remains that there are so many places where this plant is available but there will always be controversies about its origin.

The last but not the least, there is a fact about the infant weed scare. In 2012, there were lots of cases where infants were tested positive for marijuana through urinalysis tests. Doctors and healthcare workers believed that these infants were subject of exposure from parents using marijuana. There were more and more cases and this called to some researching which showed that these children had traces from baby soap. Some of the ingredients used resembled THC structures.

Through the above facts, you will learn about some weird tales and facts about cannabis. Different cultures have their different stories. Marijuana has been a hot topic in the past, it is today and it will always remain to be a hot topic.

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