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How We Made A Church Pew Perfect For Our Dining Room
People are always thinking of the ways to make their little cottage or home feel more cozy, and some have even been of the idea of having a church pew be part of their dining table. You can find one at a sale, that for sure might need a few touches so that it would have the exact look that you desire. A church pew fitting as part of the dining table setting may not be an easy thing for friends and family to accept, hence going above and beyond to make it stand out should be the main goal.
This discussion will aim to look at how people who managed to DIY an old church pew into their dining room were able to accomplish this. There was an old and tattered cushion on the church pew they bought that they most definitely had to get rid of. Their pew had been in storage before, for too long so the first thing they did was to clean it up thoroughly. The state that the pew was in physically was actually good enough and for this reason no extra cost was needed to repair or fix it. When the pew was all clean and had dried in the sun long enough it was time to remove the cushion since it was not in a good state. The cushion reaming was not a bargain because of the state it was in, it looked fray, had been torn and was stained in a number of places.
Dealing with the state of the cushion was easy when they realized they knew of an antique owner who was in the business of repairing and fixing up things that were either antiques or from a farmhouse. They had however to buy a fabric from an online store that was ran by their friend, and have the owner of the antique store use it, to make their desired cushion. The way it turned out was exactly what they had envisioned and even so much more. It was not only enough to have the cushion in place, but also to make sure that the screws were also in a perfect state. For the pew not to be weakened by the shift in weights that it was going to constantly support, it was important to have the pew slightly adjusted.
It would have been a great idea to paint over the wood, but in fear of it getting dirty over time, it was a better idea living the wood as it was, but with some sealant applied on it to prevent splinters and break offs.
One can read more on how to make a pew stand out from other articles so that there is a range of options and designs.

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