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50 Makeup over: How to Apply Makeup for Much Older Women

Most women at the age of 11 to 13 start wearing makeup thus by the time they reach 50 years they have been wearing makeup for 40 years. With makeup then especially when one is older then there are some several tips that one should always follow. One should always make sure that they prepare their skin properly and that is one should always moisturize and this is for all women and also men of all the ages. When one is moisturizing then one of the things that one should use is the hyaluronic acid and sunscreen and also one should also make sure that they moisturize their lips too.

By the use of the light weight foundation then one is able to achieve an even skin and when one is doing this then one can aply using a damp sponge and also one can use a brush, then one is able to achieve the right coverage without even going overboard.

After the foundation then one should always apply a concealer and with this it covers the dark circles, the acne scars or the sun spots and it helps one to get a very good look. With the concealer then one must apply very little to see the differences and also one should make sure that they buy one that matches the foundation. With the use of the blush then one is able to use a cream blush that will blend the skin very well. Eye shadows are also very good and they make one look very wonderful and thus one should always make sure that they stick to something that is light and also matte since they make someone look excellent and when one is applying then one should always stick to less eye shadows they make one look great.

One should always use the pencil to line up their eyes and one should avoid lining the inner portion of the eyes. One should also make sure that they fill in the brows so as to avoid the sparse eyebrows and also one should add some color. For a more youthful look then one should make sure that they curl their eyelashes and it also widens the eyes. As a woman grows older than one should always make sure that they use a black mascara and with this it makes one add some length to their eyes and also make the eyes look more brighter and also younger. For one to get a more natural look then one should always make sure that they use a very light lipstick and also the lip glosses and one should apply starting from the middle to the corners of the mouth.

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