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Possible Conditions That May Benefit From Stem Cell Research

There are numerous chronic conditions with no cure and whose prevalence continues to escalate despite research on treatment. However, great step has been made in use of stem cell research and this provides with hope to curing these conditions. This is a method used to help the body regenerate the cells destroyed by the disease.

One of the conditions that are raising concern is diabetes. Diabetes is known to develop from the body’s failure to produce adequate insulin that regulates blood sugar. Stem cell research aims at enhancing the body to develop pancreatic cells that are responsible for insulin production hence a cure for the condition.

Blocking of blood vessels within the heart is one among the problems that result in the development of heart diseases. This results from among others breakdown of heart muscles. Use of stem cell research is an avenue with the potential to help regenerate the muscles hence the effective performance of the heart.

So many people suffer from constant and regular back pains. Common causes for this condition include inactivity and injuries. Stem cell offer with a solution where the injured cells are replaced and in such way cure the condition.

Osteoporosis arthritis in known to affect individual’s joint hence pain and difficulty in movement. Common cause of this condition is known to be wearing out of the cartilage. There is hope for the patients in the adoption of stem cell research that helps regenerate the cartilage.

Injuries on the spinal code can develop to a health problem with time. This a condition has the potential to develop to paralysis. Using stem cell development is an ideal way to reverse the situation and help faster healing.

Alzheimer’s condition is common especially among the elderly. This condition is attributed to death of brain cells responsible for among others the cognitive abilities of a person. Hope for treatment lies with the use of stem cells that will provide with the development of new brain cells and in such way, better healing for the patient.

Like Alzheimer’s condition, the death of brain cells also leads to the development of Parkinson’s disease. The cells play a vital role in the mobility of the body parts and the death, therefore, means there is immobility of the patient. There is hope however in curing this condition through an effective use of stem cells technology.

It is important to note that the conditions mentioned vary between individuals depending on a wide range of factors. This leads to a variation in the treatment options that can be considered to offer full cure for a specific condition in a patient. Despite the great hopes that come with the stem cell research there is no optimum guarantee on its ability to offer a cure. It is important therefore to source for alternative ways to get rid of health problems when they occur.

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