Unwanted Hair is No Longer a Problem

My grandmother has always been beautiful in my eyes, so I was very thankful that I take after her in my appearance. When I look at pictures of her in various years of her youth, I can see that I take after her in every stage of life. While that pleases me to no end, there was one thing that I did not care for. She does have a lot of unwanted hair that is on her face. No one knows about this because she goes to an aesthetic clinic in Orchard to have it taken care of every few years.

I only know because I have taken her there a few times myself. There are people in our own family who are not aware of this. When she was younger, even before this aesthetic clinic was even built, she was very careful in making sure no one ever found out about the unwanted hair. She used tweezers plus quite a few home remedies that people swore would work. None of it ever did though. It just kept my gram busy, but that was about it. When she heard about this new clinic years ago, she was intrigued because she was tired of the hassle.

She had heard that they have a procedure for removing unwanted hair, and she was one of the first to have it done. She was pleased with the results from the very first time she went, and she has not had to waste her time on home remedies or painful plucking since then. I wish that the unwanted hair had skipped me, but I, unfortunately, have the same issue. Just as my grandma uses this aesthetic clinic to keep it hassle-free, I am doing the same too. We even go on the same day so we can make a day of it now!

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