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Benefits of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Life is full of surprises and not all of it is pleasant surprise. From time to time people wake up hoping to go through a normal day just to face misfortune. When one least expects it, they meet with disaster and soon after the law enforcers are at their door step seeking to arrest them. Although some rogue elements have decided to live a life of crime, some people find themselves in a dilemma. As soon as the police arrest you and read you your Maranda rights, you should waste no time in contacting a criminal defense lawyer. This article will discuss the benefits of a criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal defense advocate is an officer of the court just like the magistrates, judges, and prosecutors. All these groups of persons work together to ensure justice is dispensed and the world is a better place. Advocates ensure that the rights or their clients, which is embedded in the constitution, is not violated. Whether a person is guilty or innocent, they should have their day in court and face due process. In order to carry out their duties, advocates are trained in the law and later sworn in to dispense their duties. Nonetheless, the top advocates are experienced in a specific niche. When charged with a criminal offense, a client should settle for a criminal defense advocate.

When an individual is arrest and taken to the police station for questioning, the advocate comes in to carry out a number of duties. First and foremost, they sit in during interrogation to ensure that none of their client’s rights are violated during interrogation. For instance, the police should not coerce or force arrested person to give confessions. Further, the advocate shall ensure that their clients are not remanded for a longer period than that stipulated by law before being charged in a court of law. Lastly, the lawyer also goes to court to plead for bail so that their client’s life can go back to normal pending hearing of their case.

In court, the advocate defends their client on different grounds. For instance, a person can be charged for a crime and yet during hearing it is established that the accused person committed a crime because of coercion or duress. This means that a third party threated to cause a person harm if they did not carry out a certain criminal act. In another instance it may be established that the person accused of a crime carried out the purported crime in self defense. For instance, if a stranger come into one’s home and threated to harm the person or members of their family, the person is free to defend their themselves even if it means hurting or killing the offender. During sentencing, the defense arguments can persuade a jury, magistrate or judge to dismiss a case or reduce their sentence. As we have already established, criminal law is quite complex. In case one finds themselves accused of a crime they should quickly find themselves a reputable advocate.

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