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Points That Someone Should About Invisalign

If you are not a fan of braces then you need to consider getting Invisalign and the best thing about them is that you will still end up getting good results in your teeth will definitely be straight. The aligners are usually made specifically for your teeth, and they are barely visible, and they consist of a set of clear trays. You should know that if you choose aligners, you will definitely not feel pain throughout the whole process unlike when you use braces. These aligners are usually the best, and they have better results. The material that is used to make these aligners is called thermoplastic.

Someone usually changes the aligners every two weeks, so your teeth end up moving little by little. You ought to know that if your case is not that serious you only have the aligners for some time but if its severe it might take a while in order to get the results. When it comes to the Invisalign if your case is not that serious that means that he will get results fast. If you want fast results then you should think about getting the Invisalign because braces take longer. With the metal braces you will have to go see your orthodontist about every six weeks so that you can get the metal wires tightened. With the Invisalign someone changes trays every two weeks because the teeth are moving and adjusting frequently. This is known to make the Invisalign better compared to braces because someone will not feel any pain since the trays are changed often. The main reason why braces tend to be painful is because they are not tightened every time, and that causes the teeth to move so much.

Make sure that you find an orthodontist who specializes when it comes to fixing the aligners and molding your teeth so that you can be certain that they will do a good job. Once they are done molding your teeth they will end up making a customized video that will show you how the process will be like. After that they will ensure that they customize a video which turns to show the clients how the whole process will work. It is usually fun for a patient because they will be quite motivated to start the treatment. If you choose to use this method of treatment you will definitely be happy by the end results.

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