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Developing a Sense of Love in Your Grand Children

One of the most important lessons you teach your child is love. The reason why you should teach your children love lessons is to make it possible for them to develop positive attitudes with those they meet in life and also be in a position to maintain good relationship with their peers. Also those kids who get an opportunity of learning love lessons from their grandparents will always develop confidence as well as a high self esteem. When it comes to emotional health self esteem and confidence play a major ole in the development of a child’s mind . As such if you want your grandchildren to develop these attributes it will be necessary that you ensure that they learn love lessons from you. Lack of formal lessons at home where children can be taught about love make it necessary for grandparents to come up with ways of passing the knowledge and attitude to their grandchildren. This may seem easy but it is not. The reason why this is not easy is because as a grown up many are the times that your young one will keeping repeating the wrong thing an there will be need to punish them. Ideally the methods that adults use to punish young ones in the wrong may not be attractive since they will sometimes have to cane or deny them something that they love. Since the result will be an emotional distance between the child and the parent it will be hard to tell your child about love. However there are ways that you can use so that your every action becomes a love lesson to them. Read more this site a list of guidelines that grandparents can develop a sense of love in their grand children.

The first opportunity you can grab to communicate love to your grandchildren is though your punishments. If for example you have to cane them ask them to look for a cane that is of their favorite color. Doing this will show your grandchildren that you still express love even when you are extremely angry

The next way is taking time to prepare them some snacks that they love. One way of doing this is preparing these snacks with the help of your grandchildren or when they are away and then deliver the snacks to them as a pleasant surprise. In most cases you will realize that they will be appreciative of the time that you spent to prepare them the snacks. It is these simple acts that will teach them about love.

Lastly take time to be with them. Here one way of spending time with them is doing some activities together or visiting a place where you can share info with them.

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