Tree Roots Were the Culprits in My Drain Pipes

I knew a problem was starting in our pipes about a month ago, I tried to fix it myself, but I was not very successful. Truth be told, I was not successful at all. I was up against a problem that was bigger than myself! I did not have the right knowledge nor the resources to tackle a problem of this magnitude. I suspected that the culprit was tree roots because of the proximity of several large trees to the drain pipes. I looked up sewer root removal services in NJ because I knew I was going to need something more than just a handyman to help me out.

The plumbing company I talked to was able to send someone out the same day. I told them what I suspected, and they assured me that if tree roots were the culprit that they would be able to remove them with the equipment that they had. The plumber who came out was quick to figure out it was tree roots. He used a camera that was easy to get where he needed it to be, and he was able to see all the debris that was mostly comprised of tough tree roots.

He said that they were growing in a way where other waste products were not getting through as easily, and this was causing a backup in the drain pipes. He then explained their water jetting services. He said it is a high pressure water blast that can break through anything that could be found in sewage systems. The blasts are powerful enough to make the tree roots dislodge, and the best part is that no chemicals are needed in this process. It did not take very long for the process to be done, and I have not had any backup problems since then.

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